DTG Direct to Garments

DTG Direct to Garments

Are you looking for DTG Direct to Garments?

If you are starting your custom T-shirt business and other garments with customized printing then DTG Direct to Garments is the right choice for you. We are offering high quality direct to garments printing services which can help you to customize the garments easily and quickly. We provide DTG printing services to small and start-up businesses.

You can contact us anytime and get affordable and effective printing services for your business. Printing isn’t a new thing, people are printing their clothes with different designs, colours, and styles. DTG is one of the most modern types of printing techniques. The best thing about DTG is that it is direct to garments which mean the printing machines directly print the shirts through digitally printed designs. You can make your customized design on your computer device and click on printing option. It will print the T-shirt exactly as you want. We offer these services for wholesale orders in which they can print more than 100 T-shirts at a time for you.

Vaster to Vector services

Your logo represents your brand and it should be clear and attractive. So if you have a logo which is unclear or is in small size, then we can make it clear and perfect for your official use. Our vaster to vector services can convert your small size and unclear files into a vector file. Our experts convert the vaster logos into a vector with deep vector artwork using specialized tools. Furthermore, we complete this task within a very short time without excusing the quality of work.

So whether it is a logo, text, picture, or anything else which you want to turn into vector form. Feel free to contact us. We can provide high-quality work at reasonable and competitive prices. You can check our work at our website as well as see what our previous clients are talking about our services.

What is DTG Printing?

DTG Printing is a modern printing technique which is applied to textiles. Specialized aqueous inkjet technology is used in DTG which gives very effective results for our clients. The platen designed DTG printers are used in this technique that holds the fabric in a specific position. These printers spray or jet the inks onto the fabric by the print head. In this way, the DTG printers print the textile as we want. The quality of print in the direct to garment printing is comparatively better than screen printing. Because it involves digital technology. Furthermore, the printing speed is also faster as compared to other printing techniques.

If you want low-cost printing for your T-shirt or another printed textile business. Then our DTG printing services are perfect solution for you. Now call us to provide you affordable DTG printing services for your wholesale business.